AB95 Birs Mirror and Bell   Bird Toy
AB95 Birs Mirror and Bell   Bird Toy

AB95 Birs Mirror and Bell Bird Toy

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The Hall of Mirrors Activitoy is one of our top selling classics. It’s innovative design creates a bird sized fun house mirror so that your bird can see infinite images of itself. This stimulating toy is sure to delight your bird and help to keep him vibrant and energetic. Suitable for parakeets and cockatiels and other similar sized birds.

Suitable for birds:

peony, tiger skin, Xuanfeng, Wenniao, Pacific Ocean, pressure mountain, gray parrot, Dafeixiong and other small and medium birds. Suitable for all types of bird cages.

Features of this toy:

This product is purely handmade and designed according to the living habits of birds. Birds are naturally active. This toy is very suitable for birds to play. It can help birds exercise and develop their intelligence. Learn to recognize the shape and color of toys.

With it, baby birds won't be lonely when you're not at home, they'll have a great time playing!

Great for bird ornaments to hang in bird cages, small and delicate, adding fun to the little bird!

Product Details

  • Innovative Design Creates Bird Sized Fun House Mirror
  • Stimulating Toy
  • Interactive
  • Perfect for Parakeets, Cockatiels, & Similar Sized Birds


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